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The BIEN 2017 Minutes

Synopsis for regrounding the movement for a Universal Basic Income in Canada

My presentation to Winnipeg in 2016.

The Five "Fuck-offs" of a Basic Income

OFL document about BI as poverty fighting tool

Basic Income Basic Document for GLI-TO

Resource list

Scan of the OCAP event poster

Communicating Effectively With Power

Guaranteed Income The experiment that could end welfare

Design of a constitutionally Guaranteed Living Income

Toni Pickard article March 6

The Idea of a Basic Income

Maytree Re-framing poverty as a matter of rights

Federal Government's discussion paper on Poverty Reduction

Ontario's Basic Income Pilot Consultations: Key issues for people on OW and ODSP 5 January 2017

The Tyranny of Structurelessness

The Neoliberal Checklist

Foodbanks Canada's plan


Michael Mendelson's paper on BI/GLI

BICN's submission to the federal budget committee

Very useful snippet about the BI Finland Experiment

Whatever happened to the BIG push? Comments on building resilient organizations

Robyn's report on the "BIG Push" meeting awhile back