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"advocates for an income guarantee need to have the smarts
to not get steered by government"


Advisor Segal

Former senator, the Honourable Hugh Segal (now Master of Massey College) will be the top adviser to the government of Ontario on the design and implementation of a pilot programme (or two) in basic income within the province. He is to make his recommendations in March of 2017.

At the moment the hope is that one or two pilot programmes might start in 2018. The 'pilot' stage would run for perhaps three years. On this schedule it's possible that Ontario might have a basic income programme by 2021. Then again, it might not. A programme will begin only if there is no provincial deficit.

A provincial election due in the next couple of years could negate everything.

( Reprinted from Sayout Newsletter, by Robyn Peterson. )

Links to arguments against "pilots"


Here are videos from
BICN Winnipeg 2016 congress
all advising caution about "pilots"

Here's Jurgen De Wispaleare; long time BI activist, now working with the Finnish government on their pilot, but very aware of the pitfalls of experiments.


Karl Weiderquist, another long time BI activist, tells us that BI is not testable and to be very scheptical about government promises


Karl continues, says if we are going to give somebody more someone has to get less. No easy way to a BI; will be a fight.


Tracy and Steve explain some things the province could do now in the direction of a BI, if it were serious


Ron Hikel ran the Manitoba Mincome experiment and has much advice for BI activists


Jurgen again, concluding this series with very good argument for the long, careful, methodical road for a BI movement


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