resources page

Here are all the written materials currently available for you to get out and be a Guaranteed Living Income activist. Just print it up and go out to all events where socially active people are at. Hand them out. Talk to people. Get them to become new members of Guaranteed Living Income Toronto.

Don't go to a chain like Staples to get printing. There are plenty of cheaper places; mom and pop print shops. They are especially easy to find near higher education institutions. Get them to print in coloured paper. It does not cost any more. They will usually cut it for free, if needed. If folding is needed, just do it yourself.

More materials will come as we get better organized. We will have buttons and t-shirts and whole books soon. Honest!

Here is our "Basic Leaflet" on
Basic Income for the time being.
Here is a design model for a GLI
"Where Are We Now" Leaflet
describing the effect of
the provincial pilot
on the BI movement
The "Incomes for a Healthy Canada"
paper on effects of a BI
on social health